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Bodykit Avanza Veloz

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 Although only released late 2011 and, it turns out the All New Toyota Avanza is tempting modifier to immediately make over the default display. As a pilot project on William Harjanto New Avanza 1.5 All personal Veloz.

This modification may be an early debut of the man who is also the home goalie W7 modifications, in changing the look of the new standards are Veloz the first time this dilakoninya.

Brought the concept of elegant sport style modifications, apply makeup William minimalist exterior and interior. Although up-grade it does not belong to sacrifice a lot of luggage panel car, but still able to emphasize the elements of an elegant style modification.

"The concept of elegance to accent an additional sweetener, because the design is already thick Veloz sporty feel. So, if combined, the look of my car is a combination of sporty and elegant style," said the man who was traveling hobby.

The impression made ​​by the typical elegant VIP boosted thanks to the use of body kit add-on, the front and rear bumpers Veloz this white color. That is not to reduce the original function of innate body parts car.

Detailed changes visible in the bottom of the air holes on the front bumper. The original display design Veloz still equipped with a little notch on either side of the bumper. While the body kit add-on artificial William also serves to cover the last curve, and the effect is to make the car look more impressed snouts low to the ground.

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While the stern, which originally also designed with grooves on the bottom of the bumper, plus add-on panels that were on the side of the muffler hole accents either side. So as to create an impression of elegance blends sporty feel to the buttocks of this MPV.

Sectors of the legs is believed by William able to push up the overall look of the car. He also slipped Exe Pegasus rim diameter of 18 inches. "The front wheels use 7.5 inches wide and somewhat contrived rear wearing 8 inch wide, with an offset of 45 for all the wheels," said the bespectacled man was.

Turning to the interior of a deliberately contrived full elegant nuances. Consideration, said William, the car is so flagship for spree. So that the cabin should be made ​​as comfortable as possible, so that He and his beloved wife and children on the trip did not tire easily.

Universal headunit
Brought the concept of daily use, William was to up-grade the standard audio system All New Avanza 1.5 Veloz hers, without compromising the compact MPV is the default application.

Features such as remote steering, which has complete audio system Veloz. So for a replacement head unit integrated model of congenital car, must be tailored to the application on the steering wheel remote audio of this.

The choice fell on an OEM version of the monitor head unit (original equipment manufacturer) universal type. Brand i-Move to monitor the size of 7 inches, is available connectors for its remote steering system, so the car remains the default remote steering function normally, "explains William.

Similarly, the replacement of the front speakers, using the model 2-way coaxial system (midlow & tweeter). This is done to equalize the sound to the standard version of the car, it can even be said of his level slightly above the quality standards of the car speakers.

Consequently, the tweeters in the pillars of a congenital Veloz, deliberately turned off its function. In order not to crash with a full-range speaker from Pioneer is 5 inches.

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 Harjanto William had long planned to monitor the emergence of Toyota Avanza Veloz. Because according to him, Avanza Veloz considered to have a fresh and sporty look. "Like look at her body. Sporty! "He explained.
This new MPV, is intended for operating the family car and workshop of his body kit. No wonder, when William was a shadow of tuning options that will be pinned on his Avanza Veloz. "Itching also want the person who tinkers Veloz Avanza to look more attractive. Incidentally also supports the family, "added the courtier W7 Carsmetic workshop on commercial Taman Palem, Cengkareng, Tangerang.
Tuning is done on the Avanza William Veloz hers was complete, ranging from the exterior, interior, legs up to upgrade the audio system. Because, "Aside from being a daily car, Avanza Veloz, I made a model project for my workshop," he said.
Elegant Custom Body Kit ACCENTAs mentioned previously, Veloz Avanza offers a more sporty aura other than Avanza variants. But of course, William wanted a more personalized appearance. "I want raises a little impression of elegance, without having lost its sporty feel," he explained. So, add on body kit was designed with a straight pull design, especially at the bottom of the spoiler of his lips, "he explained.
In order for the front spoiler lips can be installed neatly, bulge angle on the right and left lower air dam congenital Avanza Veloz, should be leveled first. Meanwhile, the same is done on the rear spoiler, by integrating a trapezoidal-shaped tail pipe on both sides. It is powerful enough to create a rear view look more elegant.
Body kit for Rp 5 million, made of fiberglass material. This he did with the consideration, it is easier when the making and repair, if the body kit was damaged. One set of body kits add on to Avanza Veloz consists of front and rear spoiler lips. "To his side skirts can still use the default Avanza Veloz," he said.

[Image: 20120208veloz2.jpg] 
PCD Avanza Veloz of size 4/114, 3, makes his choice of aftermarket wheels is pretty much available. William Exe Pegasus alloy wheels paired dimensions 18x7, 5 inches (Home) and 17x8-inch (rear) with an offset of 45 mm. Dimensions of 18 inch alloy wheels, is still considered safe and comfortable for daily use. "When the right and left turn to get stuck, do not gesrot," he said. While the tires, using Accelera Phi 205/45R18.

Unfortunately, the market is not yet available per aftermarket for Avanza Veloz. Though diameter per Avanza Veloz, smaller than the previous Avanza. Because different substitution options were not possible. While the custom option to cut the screw as, judged to sacrifice comfort and safety.

To be more comfortable and personal, William inteior with synthetic leather lining MBtech products. The choice by combining the colors of white and black of the Superior MBtech MBtech Camaro. "I like the polka-dot texture of Superior, but want the look of two tone," she smiled.

For interior motif pattern, inspired by William of MINI interior design. Typically, namely the presence of a white accent at the center of the seat, but coupled with black on the sides. While the model of the seams, created by the pattern of wrinkles to make it look more luxurious.

Custom body kit add on, custom tail pipe, Exe Pegasus alloy wheels 18x7, 5 inches (front) and 18x8-inch (rear), 205/45R18 tires Accelera Phi, an interior layer of synthetic leather and Superior MBtech Camaro, I-Move head unit, speakers Pioneer 2-way

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